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General Motors and Coskata today announced that a pilot plant for cellulosic ethanol will be built in Madison, Pennsylvania. The plant will located adjacent to the Westinghouse Plasma Center in Madison. The plasma torches that Coskata will be using for their gasification process are based on technology that was developed by GM and Westinghouse in the early eighties. At that time the companies developed a plasma furnace used to melt raw materials for cast iron production at GM foundries. The firs

To get a little more information out of Coskata about this morning's announcement of a partnership with ICM to build the first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant using Coskata's proprietary process (past details on Coskata are here), we tracked down Wes Bolsen, chief marketing officer, business development at the company. Bolsen was an executive at ICM in his previous life, so he is very familiar with what ICM is all about (for now, this is building a lot of corn ethanol plants in the U.S.) and

While not as big a deal as Coskata's announcement at the Detroit Auto Show, the company is not letting the Chicago Auto Show go by without letting some more cellulosic ethanol news slip out. The company announced today that it had formed a strategic alliance with ICM for the design and construction of cellulosic ethanol plants. ICM is a background player in the ethanol field, and its patented proprietary process technology is responsible for about half of the ethanol made at plants in the U.S.