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EPA's 2011 RFS2 numbers slash cellulosic ethanol target by 97 percent

On top of certifying plug-in vehicles with mpg and mpge ratings (Chevy Volt, 93 mpge; Nissan Leaf, 99) and Sebastian Blanco

Oil giant Total invests in cellulosic ethanol company Coskata's latest funding round

A little over two years ago, the big news was that automaker General Motors had invested in start-up cellulosic ethanol company Coskata. This week, we learned that a giant from another industry, French oil company Total, has put a lot of money (the total amount was not disclosed) into Coskata, leading a Series C prime funding round. I

Coskata's new Lighthouse cellulosic ethanol plant, in depth

Coskata Lighthouse Cellulosic Ethanol Plant - Click above for high-res image gallery

Coskata opens doors to first semi-commercial flex ethanol facility

Coskata caught our attention back in January 2008 with the announcement that GM would take an equity stake in the cellulosic ethanol producer in an effort to bring the biofuel to market at a cost of just $1 a gallon. Since then, Sebastian Blanco

Coskata's cellulosic ethanol road show hits Thailand, China, Australia

Representatives from one of the GM-backed cellulosic ethanol concerns, Coskata, have been visiting the Asia-Pacific region recently to tout their anything-into-ethanol technology. In Thailand, they recommended that the Thai government work to m

Motor Trend's Top Ten Technologies have a decidedly green tint

Looking back on 2008, it seems that the biggest stories that shaped the automotive landscape had more to do with gas prices and economic conditions than the vehicles themselves. Regardless, there are quite a few new technologies that are just starting to make waves, and many of them are intended to reduce the world's use of petroleum and the resultant emissions. Proof positive can be seen in Motor Trend's list of the Jeremy Korzeniewski