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To go along with Jeremy's post right below this one on the new Corsa VXR supermini, here's a gallery of high-resolution (1,280 pixel wide) images. Click on the image above or the thumbnails below to see the Corsa VXR close-up. Remember, the images are downloadable for your personal use. There's a press release for you to digest after the jump, too. The car itself will be available in two months.

You may have already seen pictures of the Vauxhall Corsa, but now they have released their performance version, the VXR. This car proves what you already probably knew: being greener does not have to mean being boring. The car looks cool, in my opinion, in the European hot-hatch sort of way. Like the GTI, except much meaner -- like the WRX STi and Mitsu-Evo. It generates enough grunt, about 190 HP, from its 1.6 liter turbocharged engine to reach 60 mph in under seven seconds. It delivers this re

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GM Europe just took the wraps off its new Corsa three-door hatchback and already the Euro auto scene has been flooded with spy shots of a VXR model being tested under the guise of creative camouflaging. Speculation on how much power the Corsa VXR's turbocharged 1.6L will produce range from 160 bhp to 200 bhp. We're leaning towards the latter figure, as it would put the Corsa ahead of the Renaultsport Clio, if only by a few ponies. 0-60 is said to pass in about six seconds and it will top out on