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Presidential candidates are expected to have a position on the subsidies provided in the production of corn-based ethanol. With 41 percent of America's corn crop going into making the oil-alternative, it's an issue that's very important to both farmers and the biofuel industry. However, with many Republican voters deeply concerned about government spending, farm subsidies can be a tough sell these days and finding the right position isn't easy. Coming out against these subsidies was considered a

Andersons, one of the U.S.' major players on the ethanol production scene, has started mixing cheaper soft red winter wheat into its corn-based biofuel. This move, according to Andersons, will drive down costs and lessen demand for corn. Andersons says the soft red winter wheat harvest is peaking, so the stuff is available in mass quantities. It's estimated that Andersons is currently mixing ten percent wheat in with corn.

The seemingly never-ending argument over ethanol content in fuel is making headlines once again. This time 'round, the debate centers on New Hampshire. Recently, the state's House of Representatives voted to ban corn-based ethanol on the basis that the biofuel drives up gasoline prices. Soon, the fate of the bill (HB 374) will land in the New Hampshire Senate.