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With a quite clever name, "CO2Operación" is Peugeot Spain's new marketing campaign to help Spaniards purchase more efficient cars and raise the Lion marque's sales. If you hadn't noticed, the name mixes the CO2 with the Spanish word for "cooperation." What does the Lion offer? Peugeot will give buyers a discount of up to €1,700 for trading in a car that is more than 10 years old when they purchase a model that produces less than 120 g/km of CO2. The scheme is quite simple: buy a Peug

It struck us as an odd pairing when BMW and PSA Peugeot-Citroen formed their initial partnership. BMW, a German conglomerate building premium performance and luxury automobiles and controlling a couple small but iconic British marques, and PSA, a grouping of two run-of-the-mill mass-production French brands. Their products don't overlap much, but the all but total lack of competition is probably what helps them get along. No competition means no threat.

According to the Japanese business daily Nhon Keizai, Nissan and Renault have already decided what areas of cooperation they would seek from General Motors if a proposed alliance between the three companies became a reality. Those three areas are parts procurement, environmental and safety technology.

Toyota North American senior VP Dennis Cuneo said at a recent conference in Detroit, Michigan that automakers must cooperate more with their parts suppliers. In his declaration, he noted that 10 of Toyota's 15 suppliers are currently in bankruptcy. Such situations point to automakers' price-oriented focus, demanding cuts even when supppliers are faced with rising material costs. Cuneo maintains that healthy supplier relations are in the best interest of everyone, as many different automaker