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Jeep enthusiasts have been asking for a Wrangler pickup for years, and 2011 is the year they finally got their wish – at least in kit form. The only thing that could keep the JK-8 Independence kit from being a success is the $5,499 price, which doesn't include assembly. But it appears that the serious Jeep fans are all-in, and Mopar is stepping up to meet demand.

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We've covered a lot of vehicles being converted from gas to electric and thought it seemed to be a growing phenomenon. Still, we wondered if the recent collapse in gas prices and the economy had affected the trend negatively. We wonder no more. The Associated Press reports that the business of turning your nasty polluter into a clean commuter is still going strong. Kansas converter, Wayne Alexander, says, "It's always been steady, but this is out of hand now." His efforts, as well as those of ma

You have probably seen a few kits to convert your car to run on ethanol. They are not legal. In fact, there probably won't ever be a kit you can just buy to do the conversion yourself. There are kits that will be used by companies that do the conversion. These companies are seeking certification to convert cars to run on ethanol.

Though many have panned Audi's new corporate grille, the German automaker has stuck to its guns and disseminated the nose across its entire line up. Many folks, in fact, love the boldness of the single-frame grille that drops deep into every Audi's lower bumper.