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Why European electric vehicle range figures may be misleading

Ever notice that the range numbers for some electric vehicles in Europe are quite a bit higher than the ones we see in the U.S.? Here's why this happens.

New York state senate proposal would require gallons/100 mile stickers

Here at AutoblogGreen, we're no strangers to the mileage vs. consumption debate, but New York state could become the first in the nation to require fuel consumption ratings on new vehicles. For those not familiar with the concept, mileage measures how far you can drive on a given quantity of fuel. The standard measure in the U.S. for this rating is miles per gallon. Consumption, on the other hand, defines how much fuel is used to drive a given distance. Those in countries that use metric general

AFVI 2008: A few final thoughts on green moves in Sin City, with Wendell Berry

I covered the AFVI Expo last week and that trip was my first visit to Las Vegas. I've heard the stories, the advertising campaign that tries to sell Sin City as, well, Sin City that takes your credit card. What interested me the most, though, was how my environmentalist mind would react to being in a city that, quite honestly, celebrates excess and waste. I didn't expect to feel comfortable in an oasis of VIP come-ons and bright lights

Artist helps you visualize how many SUVs are sold in America

In general humans tend to think at a very local scale. They can visualize the things that directly impact their lives, like how much they spend on groceries or rent. But as numbers grow beyond that local human scale they become increasingly abstract and hard to get your head around. How big is 93,000,000 (roughly the number of miles to the Sun) or $8,822,366,610,275 (the current amount of the US National debt)? In isolation they don't mean much.

September sets another ethanol production record, sales also strong

The September U.S. sales figures have just been released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and ethanol keeps going from strength to strength. The industry produced 333,000 barrels of ethanol per day which is a new production record. Demand though was even stronger at 380,000 barrels per day according to the Renewable Fuels Association.

Significantly lower car fuel use in Germany by 2025

The German Mineraloelwirtschaftverband (MWV for short) predicts a drop by nearly a quarter in gasoline and diesel demand in the next 20 years. The consumption of gasoline usage for road traffic alone is predicted to fall by 42 percent by 2024, while diesel usage would decline by only 12 percent from the 2005 level. The prediction is based on the steadily increasing energy efficiency in new cars, car owners driving less and less due to increasing fuel prices, and the fact that many gasoline-drive

USA Today: Americans unlikely to save much gas

In our little blog microcosm all we talk about is a variety of ways to conserve fuel or switch to renewable fuel sources. But, according to a USA Today article, the majority of Americans don't plan their fuel consumption habits. It seems we get used to slow increments in fuel prices and we're more afraid of losing something than we are motivated by the advantages of giving it up. If our gas prices went up a dollar

Japanese Oil Industry Downturn

While US based oil companies are raking in the profits, their Japanese counterparts are not as successful. Asia Times reports the oil industry suffered the first decline in gasoline sales in 21 years for fiscal year 2005, due to increasing gas prices and more fuel-efficient cars. According to the article, gasoline sales have fallen just