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Consumer Reports recently surveyed 1,713 car owners in the U.S. and discovered that 39 percent of them will consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) for their next vehicle. Out of that group, 60 percent are leaning towards a conventional hybrid, 16 percent are considering a plug-in hybrid and 14 percent are contemplating purchasing an EV. Of course, it bears noting that 'consideration' doesn't necessarily translate to actual sales. With all that said, CR found that 94 percent of those s

Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of car tire buyers and discovered that a remarkable 95 percent of consumers were satisfied with their shopping experience. CR also found, though, that less than half of tire buyers researched before purchasing. When "so much is riding on your tires" you'd think that a few minutes devoted to investigating the proper running gear would be time well spent but, according to the Consumer Reports' survey, buyers often decided to skip the legwork and mount