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UA prefers ethanol's benefits over inefficiencies

The University of Arizona switched many of the vehicles in its fleet to E85 in August. Despite an unflattering test in Consumer Reports that shows E85 is less fuel efficient, university officials say they'll keep using the cleaner-burning mix. A university official said fuel economy is 10 percent less than with gasoline (which skeptics w

Consumer Reports tests 2007 Tahoe on gasoline and E85

Consumer Reports discovered the overall fuel mileage on a flex-fuel 2007 Tahoe went from 14 mpg on gasoline to 10 mpg on E85.

Automotive awards -- what do they really mean?

Greg Melville of Money Magazine cautions car-buyers to reconsider when they hear and read about vehicle awards. In a new article, he addresses the strengths and weakness of the following award givers point-by-point:

Consumer Reports Auto: Two dissenting views

With all the hubbub surrounding Consumer Reports' latest issue (seeAutoblog comment-field staple Michael Karesh of True Delta has been touting his analysis and refutation of Consumer Reports (CR) rating system. He points out how the rating system changed from the use of relative ratings for 20 years to an absolute scale which, for example, gave a&nbs

OnStar worth the price?

Consumer Reports (CR) took a sampling of 204 OnStar subscribers to see how they used General Motors' telematics service, and then examined whether it is worth the monthly fee. CR discovered that only 63 percent of subscribers had ever pressed GM's vaunted blue button. Of those who did, 44 percent used OnStar's hands-free phone system, while 22 percent triggerd OnStar because they locked their keys in their vehicles or needed assistance for issues like flat tires.

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera goes 'nucular' on GM, Ford

None other than Geraldo 'Take-Him-Or-Leave-Him' Rivera whipped out a Dubya-style haymaker on General Motors and Ford Wednesday, calling the automakers' present fiscal and public-relations gulag the result of 'whin

Criticism of Consumer Reports prompts GM apology

Lori Queen, a GM exec in charge of small car development, flew off the handle at the editorial staff of Consumer Reports in an email exchange with Automotive News recently. She blasted the mag for its subjective evaluations, bias towards Japanese automobiles and simplistic view of consumer preferences. The Detroit News surmises that Queen may have been reacting to a harsh review the Chevy Cobalt received from CR.

Consumer Reports: Surprise bastion of gearheads, racers, and all-around car guys?

Could the black sheep of the automotive press among enthusiasts, Consumer Reports, really be home to a bunch of 'car guys'? The publication has long been discounted by most automotive buff books and aficionados as a lab full of egg-headed statisticians that wouldn't know an entertaining car if it ran them down. But is that an accurate perception, or an outmoded stereotype?

Has vehicle quality reached its peak?

Are the current crop of vehicles, from compact cars to the largest SUVs and trucks, the best consumers can expect from automakers? That is the question posed (and answered) in the latest Consumer Reports (CR) according to James Healey of USA Today. (Pictured is CR's 'Fun to Drive' top pick, the Subaru Impreza WRX/STi.)

Consumer Reports' 2006 Top Picks? 100% Japanese

In word that is sure to have U.S. and European auto executives reaching for their antacids, Consumer Reports magazine has unveiled their 2006 Top Picks. All ten are born of Japanese companies, with Honda occupying fully 50-percent of the list.

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