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Click above for a gallery of the Connaught Type-D hybrid sportscar

While many of our readers may be familiar with Connaught for its Type D hybrid sportscar, the firm is also hard at work developing its fuel saving technologies for more mundane types of vehicles. Connaught's HYBRID+ system has been affixed to seven Ford Transit vans with diesel engines that are owned by Tesco in the UK. Testing has taken place on the delivery vehicles and the numbers have been compiled. All in all, everything appears to have worked successfully, with the Transit vans recording a

In the third AutoblogGreen Podcast (which you can listen to here), we heard from Tony Martindale about the Connaught Type D hybrid. You can read more on the Type D-H here and read what Martindale has to say below. Enjoy.

We give a brief recap of the green highlights of the New York Auto Show including the GM mini car triplets and the AFVI conference in Anaheim, California. Sam has an interview with Neal Anderson of the Automotive X-Prize and Sebastian talks to people behind the Naro car and the Connaught Type-D hybrid.

While the specs are a bit different from what was announced last November, the Connaught Type D V10 sports coupe with a hybrid gasoline/electric engine is still on the way. Connaught Motor Co. officially announced today that it will build "the world's first green, high performance hybrid sports coupe." Deliveries will start in early 2008.