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San Francisco could soon be first US city with a congestion charge

The city by the bay could soon be the first American city to get a congestion charge, and if current plans go forward it will be complex. San Francisco is currently debating a plan that would charge motorists not only for entering the congestion zone, but also for leaving it. The charges would also only happen at certain times of day, currently set for 6-9 am and 3-6 pm. The problem is that whenever you do something like this the boundaries are arbitrary. There are bound to be people caught out

Porsche donates Congestion Charge legal awards to charity

Earlier this year, a major storm was brewing in London as then-mayor Ken Livingstone was locked in a legal battle with Porsche over an increased Congestion Charge on its performance cars. After quite a bit of legal wrangling back and forth, Livingstone's ejection in favor of new London mayor Boris Johnson and the Jeremy Korzeniewski

London congestion charge zone expansion canceled by new mayor

Prior to the mayoral election in London, England earlier this year, former mayor Ken Livingstone had grand plans to expand the scope of the city's congestion charge. Following the election, the man commonly referred to as "Red Ken" was supplanted by Boris Johnson and things began to change. Johnson has now decided that the expansion of the congestion zone to the western part of Lon

Porsche FTW - London scraps 25 congestion charge

The battle over a proposed £25 Congestion Charge increase that would have been socked to big, dirty vehicles entering London is over. Porsche was the lead opponent of this fee increase, and announced the win on its Judicial Review website. I guess Porsche's huge PR campaign worked. Back when Ken Livingstone,

Going somewhere? Check out this map of Low Emission Zones in Europe

We have spoken quite a lot about Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Europe. The most well-known is the one in Central London, but we have also reported about Milan's and some German cities as well. If you want to see all

Clean Green Cars suggests partnership for a sensible Congestion Charge

With pro-congestion charge London mayor Ken Livingstone on the way out, there are a lot of questions about what happens next regarding the city's vehicle laws. At least one company, Sebastian Blanco

BMW to introduce 3-series that gets under 120g/km of CO2

The advent of changes to London's congestion charge that makes the fees based on a vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions has prompted many automakers to tweak some of their models to get their emissions down. Any car that emits less than 120g/km of carbon dioxide is exempt from having to pay the charge. The latest brand to go after that threshold is BMW with their 318d. The existing version is rated at 123g/km, so BMW will make some changes to get into the charge free band. BMW engineers feel they

London's Congestion Charge will increase CO2 emissions?

We don't want to take sides on London's Congestion Charge, but we are keenly interested in what the charge will mean for the environment and motorists. Ken Livingstone claims that the charge is intended to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions while Porsche claims that the charges are unnecessarily high and unfair. New evidence that Porsche has located, though, indicates that CO2 emissions will actually i

61% of Londoners support congestion charge, says Mayor Livingstone

By now, you're surely aware of the efforts of London Mayor Ken Livingstone to increase London's congestion charge. You're also likely know about the distaste that Porsche feels regarding these changes. Back in late February, Porsche polled Londoners themselves and fou

Ken Livingstone might have "doctored" bus lane report

Lately, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has seen a great deal of press coverage regarding his efforts to increase the congestion charges in London, which caused Porsche to vehemently disagree with said charges. This is not Livingstone's only legislative issue these days,

Madrid announces plans to ban polluting cars from city center

The City Council of Madrid, Spain, has unveiled plans to create a low-emissions zone in the city center which would ban polluting cars. This system is very similar to the ones implemented in several German cities and differs from Milan and London's option of an urban toll

Porsche formally applies for judicial review in London C-charge scuffle

In the ongoing fight between Porsche and Transport for London over the increased emissions charges in that city (previous stories - in chronological order - here, here, Sebastian Blanco

Porsche polls Londoners on congestion charge, pretty much calls mayor a liar

Well, this Porsche-London fight certainly isn't going to end any time soon. Earlier today, London mayor Ken Livingstone told Porsche to butt out of local politics, but the German automaker isn't displaying any such intention. In fact, Porsche released a statement yesterday (available after the jump) that calls on Livingstone to make public the full tables of a poll showing that the p

London Mayor to Porsche: butt out of England's elections, make cleaner cars

The war of words between the Mayor of London and Porsche is heating up. Thanks to Mayor Ken Livingstone (the guy in the black Prius), London's congestion charge will be increased, a move that sparked the threat of a lawsuit and even the Lascelles Linton

London officials respond to Porsche's lawsuit threat

Following Porshce's threat to start a legal process against the City of London for the city's upcoming increase in the congestion charge, a spokesperson for Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, has Sebastian Blanco

Mayor of London bashed for new congestion charge

One criticism came from Porsche, which announced that it was considering taking the mayor to a judicial review to challenge the plans because all Porsche models (but two) will have to pay the highest charge. Two of London's boroughs, Kensington and Chelsea, are also considering going to court against Livingston for "exceeding" his attributions. The Society of Motor Manufacturers

Electric vehicle drivers get some not-so-good news in London

Danny (of Danny's Contentment) is just the messenger here, so don't go hounding him if you're angry about the bad news that Transport for London announced today. While some automakers will probably be pleased with the change, electric car proponents like Danny see this as a potential nail in the EV coffin.

Will NYC get the congestion charge in early 2008?

At least as early at April 2007, public officials in New York City were publicly engaged in a discussion about instituting a congestion charge in the Big Apple. Heck, Mayor Bloomberg even had the daily dollar amount picked out: $8. But the plan faltered and we haven't he