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Can airlines help make cars safer?

FAA and NHTSA to collaborate with automakers and airlines.

America's airline industry looks to take automakers under its wing to discuss sharing best practices in the interest of safety at an upcoming joint conference organized by the FAA and NHTSA.

ZAP! vehicles on display at International Environmental Conference in China

Zap! is currently parading its current models up and down the runway in China. This is somewhat convenient, as all of them (cars, trucks, ATVs, scooters, etc.) are built there. The China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference (CEIPEC) is organized and sponsored by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Shane Addie

Rochester, N.Y. will host "Fuel Cell 2007" conference in mid-June

Fuel Cell Magazine (yes, there is such a thing) is the proud sponsor of "Fuel Cell 2007", a conference for organizations and industry people interested in learning about the latest in fuel cell technology. Presentations will be given not only on automotive fuel cells, but portable and stationary fuel cells as well.

Consultant declares biodiesel has worse economics than ethanol

Speaking at the Power-Gen conference in Las Vegas, managing consultant Michele Rubino has been reported as posing the question, "which makes more sense: ethanol or biodiesel?" Rubino, who works at Navigant Consulting, didn't hesitate to say that it was ethanol that made more sense and that "biodiesel has worse economics."

Nation's largest ports attend "Faster Freight - Cleaner Air" conference

Port representatives from around the U.S. are currently attending the third Faster Freight - Cleaner Air (FFCA) conference which examines technologies and processes designed to reduce the environmental impact of all sectors of the goods movement industry (rail, trucking, marine, off-road equipment and air freight). Last November the Ports

Aussie conference questions biomass / food trade-off

Bioenergy Australia, a government-industry forum to foster and facilitate the development of biomass for energy, liquid fuels, and other value-added bio-based products recently put on The Bioenergy Australia 2006 – A Growth Opportunity for Energy and the Environment Conference. Presentations at the conference were given on bioenergy projects and project development case studies, and covered bioelectr

Biofuels conference highlights dependence on subsidies

The Biofuels Finance & Investment World was recently held in London at which one of the clearest messages is that biofuels globally are completely dependent on government subsidies. For example, ethanol is energy and monetarily competitive without subsides when oil is $60 per barrel in the US, $35 per barrel in Brazil, and $115 in Europe. The EU Commission estimates that biodiesel is monetarily competitive without subsides when

Biodiesel conference in Colorado to focus on running a local co-op

One of the godparents of the homemade biodiesel movement in the United States, Girl Mark, is helping to organize a conference on effectively building and running a pure biodiesel (B100) co-op. Biodiesel co-ops, which I briefly mentioned yesterday, are a great way to produce biodiesel locally, but take a lot of work. The "Local Biodiesel" conference prom