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Dale Earnhardt Jr. says he suffered 20-25 concussions while racing

Popular NASCAR driver hid his condition, fears his risk for CTE

The popular NASCAR driver hid his condition, now fears his risk for CTE.

BMX star Dave Mirra suffered from CTE at time of suicide

Mirra's brain's tau proteins were indistinguishable from confirmed CTE cases.

Extreme sports icon Dave Mirra had been exhibiting personality changes, a sign of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, ahead of his suicide earlier this year.

Retired NASCAR driver creating fund to help racers with concussions [w/video]

Motorsports these days tends to be pretty safe, even if the danger of pushing a car or motorcycle to its absolute limit can never be entirely removed. Compared to the frequent deaths of the '60s and earlier, we live in good times, however, in just the last few years the topic of concussions has become among the hottest conversations in American sports, especially after the National Football League's $765 million settlement with ex-players last year. The next frontier for taking care of former co

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Motorsports safety icon Bill Simpson hits the gridiron to fight concussions

We're going to switch gears and step away from the automotive realm for a minute and talk about football. It's one of America's favorite sports, with pro and college teams duking it out on the gridiron every fall and on into winter. It's inherent danger, though, has been making news the last few years due to the sport's alarming number of concussions.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. concussion at Talladega puts him out two races [w/video]

After suffering a concussion in the massive end-of-race 25-car pileup at Talladega last weekend, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will miss the next two races, and perhaps the rest of the NASCAR season. That crash marked Earnhardt's second concussion of the season; the first happened a

NFL asks Toyota to edit helmet-to-helmet hit out of ad [w/video]

Toyota's helmet-to-helmet hit – Click above to watch the video after the break