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S-Class autonomous concept uses lighting effects to signal intensions to pedestrians

S-Class autonomous concept uses lighting effects to signal intentions to pedestrians.

It hopes to build electric and gasoline variants

It hopes to build electric and gasoline variants.


Its wheels have legs

Its wheels have legs.


Pointing the way toward an electrified future

Pointing the way toward an electrified future.


Sketch shows shape of the electric hatchback

It looks sporty and minimalist.

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Bentley debuted the all-electric EXP 6e 12 Speed 6e Concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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Toyota unveiled Concept-i at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The gloss white, four seat, bluntly ovoid, fractally embellished, occasionally autonomous pod comes equipped with an artificially intelligent user experience interface known as Yui.

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Chrysler's six-passenger people hauler shown at CES 2017.

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Consumer Car was created by Joey Ruiter. Ruiter says he wanted to examine the form and function of motoring and celebrate the act of driving.


Chevrolet's SEMA offerings don't have wings, a crazy paint job, or anything that screams SEMA.


The concept car, deconstructed.

UX is short for user experience, and that's just what Lexus is trying to rethink with the unique interior and exterior design of its latest concept car.


Plus: We take a spin in the Jeep Crew Chief pickup truck concept vehicle.

Get a full 360-degree off-road view of Jeeps in their natural habitat at Moab.


The OLED instrument panel looks slick.

My, what a big LED instrument panel it has.


It's safe to say the DeltaWing-inspired BladeGlider is back on the front burner.

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This is the Mini Clubman All4 Scrambler, a concept from Mini of Italy built for the 2016 Valentino Park Motor Show. Inspiration for this tough-looking Mini is the BMW R Nine T Scrambler motorcycle.

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Toyota's Fun Vii Concept is an autonomous color changing car designed for a fully connected world.


Hidden at the very end of the latest hamster video are the words "Turbo (Winter 2016)."

We've reached out to Kia to try and get confirmation about an upcoming Soul Turbo, after the company seemingly outed the new model in an ad last week.

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