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Video: i-Road flits through Tokyo

Toyota's i-ROAD and COMS teeny, tiny, city EVs are joining the Citélib carsharing fleet in Grenoble, France. The ultra-compact EVs, which will become available in October, are meant to supplement the Grenoble metropolitan area's existing public transit infrastructure, which includes trams, buses and trains. Toyota's i-ROAD and COMS will be connected to the transit systems IT infrastructure, allowing users to visualize their route on their smartphone or computer, and reserve and pay for th

Can't get enough crazy single-seater electric vehicles? Why not look into what Toyota Auto Body Co. Ltd. will bring to the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota Auto Body, which is separate but works with, Toyota Motor Company, will present four concept cars in Tokyo, and the most green of the pack is the COMS BP (yeah, we don't know what that name comes from either).