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Air-powered car wins $5 million on TV show Shark Tank

Compressed Air Propelled Vehicle Idea Still Around

A start-up that wants to replace dirty fossil fuel cars with small air-powered ones received $5 million in funding Friday on the ABC show Shark Tank.

Peugeot HYbrid Air for Paris 2014

Peugeot is preparing to show off what it has been working on for when the auto show circuit returns to its own backyard with the upcoming 2014 Paris Motor Show. The French automaker has been developing ways to be happily compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standards. Things we'll see coming from Peugeot early next month include new

India's Tata Motors and France's MDI sign agreement to build compressed air-powered cars

India's largest automaker, Tata Motors, announced this week it will partner up with MDI of France, a technology invention company, to develop engines powered by compressed air. Tata says the agreement "envisages Tata's supporting further development and refinement of the technology, and its application and licensing for India." MDI is the company behind Sebastian Blanco

Old video of air-powered car making the rounds at YouTube

Funny how what's old becomes new again, thanks to the archiving power of sites like YouTube. A seven-and-a-half minute video clip from CNN (a global or international version of the news network, by the looks of it) that was posted to YouTube in February just got picked up by MobileMag. The video is of a minicar that runs on compressed air. The technology is the work of Guy Negre, MDI president who used to work on F1 engines and h