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When Chrysler introduced the Jeep Compass to the UK market last year, the automaker made the decision to only offer it in the more aggressive-looking (well, kinda) Rallye trim (above). That was based on market research conducted by the automaker in advance of the product launch. Now, a year into things, it's backtracking in a big way. According to UK media resource Headline Auto, Chrysler Blighty has shelved the Compass Rallye in favor of the standard-look Compass. Why? Simple: the regular Compa

John Neff has found a Jeep Compass we can all get behind. Look, we constantly rail against the Jeep Compass for being a car in Jeep's clothing. Does the MK49 Compass Rallye butch it up? You bet it does. It certainly looks ready to go tackle some tall brush and kick up a little gravel. While there are no engine mods (what?!?!?!), the suspension's been dialed in by the wizards at SRT and a strut-tower brace has been added. We fully dig the wheels and Yokohoma rubber, as well as the HID driving lam

Chrysler Group is determined to make its mark in Europe's compact 4x4 segment, and hopes that its new Dodge Caliber-based crossovers - the Jeep Compass Rallye (upper right) and the Jeep Patriot - will grab a significant share of a market that the automaker sees reaching 400,000 units per year by 2010.