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In Translogic 46, we take the Tango T600 out for a spin to see if it's a viable transportation alternative or just a really expensive toy. So let's take a deep dive into how it's built and how it could change the roads of the future.

All else being equal, Commuter Cars has about a 13 percent chance to win the $2.5 million tandem-seating Alternative Class portion of the Progressive Automotive X Prize with their Tango two-seat electric car. Why, because only seven vehicles are entered in that category and one of the winning considerations will be which vehicle is the fastest – and the Tango is fast. The other six tandems are EDISON2's entry, FVT Racing's eVaro, Spira's Spira4u, TTW Italia's TTW One, and X-Tracer Team Swi

Jay Leno drives Commuter Cars' Tango - click above to watch the video after the jump

Jay Leno drives Commuter Cars' Tango - click above to watch the video after the jump

We've seen electric cars race against "gassers" before, but although we've seen some fast electrics hanging out together, we hadn't seen them square off. Until now. A few days ago the Tango belonging to a guy named Jorg (which we've seen driven previously) and the Tesla Roadster Signature 100 series #9 met on the drag strip portion of Infineon Raceway for a little one-on-one action. Now, this particular track has seen a Roadster scoot down the measured quarter mile before in 12.757 seconds hitti

Our favorite British electric-car vlogger, Danny Fleet, came to America recently whilst on holiday and had the opportunity to not only see the Tango from Commuter Cars up close but also go for a ride. As is his wont, he took his video camera along and now we can all have a small taste of how it feels to ride in the very narrow, very fast electric two seater. The star of this video was last seen by us parked outside of Buck's Restaurant with a Founders' Series Tesla Roadster and the Wrightspeed X

The rich folk of Hollywood, it's probably fair to say, switch out their bling mobiles on a pretty regular basis because, well, because they can. There are, however, a few who have embraced green transportation alternatives like Ed Begley Jr. (bicycle) and Darryl Hannah (former biodiesel El Camino owner). While George Clooney doesn't see himself as an environmental spokesperson per se, (he did, after all, make use of a private jet recently to get himself to the Venice film festival) he is pretty

Why would Google co-founder Sergey Brin order three electric Tango vehicles from a Spokane, Washington company? Because of star power. Actor George Clooney put the maker of the Tango, Commuter Cars Corp., on the map last year when he bought the first of the single-seat electric vehicles. Following Clooney's public lead, Brin and others have been heavy into electric cars recently. Brin is invested in Tesla as well as a lithium-ion battery pack being developed by Commuter Cars. Exactly how much mo

Sometimes it seems like we write about another EV startup company every day here on AutoblogGreen. And yet we apparently can't keep up with all of them. Just yesterday, the day we featured the Evette, AutoblogGreen reader Chris Nelson reminded us about Commuter Cars, the maker of the Tango. We've mentioned the Tango once here, noting that George Clooney owns one. But the tiny Tango deserves another look. In some aspects, it's got what the Tesla Roadster's got (zero tailpipe emissions, zero to 60