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More R2-D2 than HAL 9000.

The company is working on technology that will help the vehicles learn and communicate.

Vauxhall's latest safety idea turns the highways and byways into a life-sized feedback loop by allowing vehicles to communicate with each other. We're not talking about the type of communication we humans do in our cars – behavior like pointing out the state bird – think more like WiFi. There are some real safety gains to be had with the system, inventively named Vehicle-to-Vehicle. Using GPS-based technology, along with some type of wireless communication facility, V2V can warn you

We've all seen a friend driving in the next lane and wanted to just shoot the breeze. We can do that with our cellphones, a sometimes clunky solution and often not entirely wise. Norweigan Designer Lieke Ypma has an idea that aims to streamline the communication process and make it safer, Carhood. Aiming to engender a neighborhood spirit among drivers, as opposed to the kill or be killed gladiator mentality out there today, Carhood enables a wireless LAN connection with a 300 meter range. Rather

Automakers BMW and Renault recently presented a system that allows their vehicles to communicate with each other, relaying information such as traffic jams or accidents. Drivers with the car-to-car system, for example, can relay the coordinates of a vehicle in distress on a lone road. Rescue teams would then use the GPS-provided coordinates to find the vehicle while surrounding drivers would receive warning on their radios. So far the system is only designed to work for BMWs and MINI Coopers.