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Freightliner debuts RunSmart Predictive Cruise Control

The next step in cruise control comes courtesy of Freightliner semis and GPS data company NAVTEQ. Freightliner broadened communication between the cruise control and map data: the GPS transmits information on the road ahead up to a mile, and then the cruise control computes the best speed at which to cover the distance with the greatest fuel efficiency.

No Dummies: CPR instructor, others win custom Ford Transit Connect vans

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VIDEO: Big truck... go fast... up hill

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REPORT: Ford Transit Connect to be sold in U.S.

Perhaps taking a note from DaimlerChrysler's playbook, Ford will reportedly be importing a version of the Ford Transit Connect commercial vehicle to be sold in the United States. DaimlerChrysler began selling the Sprinter commercial van in the U.S. around 2004, and has enjoyed success selling it to large corporations that need workhorse fleet vehicles with large, enclosed cargo spaces. The Turkish news website Sabah

Commercial appeal: Volvo seen buying stake in Nissan (the truckmakers, ya'll)

Truckmaker Volvo AB announced earlier today that it has purchased a 13-percent interest in the Nissan Diesel Company from Nissan Motor Company. The $195 million dollar stake boosts the Swedish company'