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During the Teslive town hall with Tesla fans in July, company CEO Elon Musk was his usual interesting, informative self, and he even dropped some news about changes coming to the Model S. The big ones are a valet parking mode (to limit performance so those punk kids don't go tear things up with your EV), a better navigation system (so that north is always facing up, for example, and a way to download maps for offline use) and a way to use your phone's data connection instead of the built-in cell

The Nissan Leaf's cold weather package consists of a temperature management system for the vehicle's lithium-ion battery pack, heated front and rear seats, steering wheel, outside mirrors and an HVAC duct to rear seating area. We know this because it was listed on Nissan's "Feature and Specs" back when the Leaf initially launched. However, that package, which is specifically designed for frigid climates, has not been available on U.S.-bound Leafs. Thankfully, this will soon change. Maybe.