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Cobra iRadar gets jiggy with the iPhone

Cobra iRadar – Click above for image gallery

CB/1 Cobra replica demands stronger adjectives

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Quick Spin: Superformance MKIII R Cobra kickstarts our hearts

Superformance MKIII R Cobra – Click above for high-res image gallery

Carroll Shelby files lawsuit against SAAC to enforce agreement

From the "Don't Tick Off Carroll Shelby Department" comes the continuing saga which is the SAAC vs. the performance Mustang patriarch. We told you earlier about the feud between Shelby and SAAC owners Rick Kopec and Ken Eber over the cancellation of the Shelby club's license, and as of yesterday,

Speed traps be damned! Cobra unveils first radar detector with GPS

The feeling one gets when they receive in the mail a hefty ticket for speeding is extremely bad, but the cop-dodging experts at Cobra have come up with a terrific tool. Cobra's XRS R9G is the first US laser and radar detector that utilizes GPS Navigation to warn drivers of known speed trap cameras. Cobra is keeping track of traps all over the US, and anyone that purchases the $449 device can also load updates from the Cobra website. Cobra is also working towards usi

Carroll Shelby gives two-wheel tuning a try

We love Carroll Shelby. You love Carroll Shelby. We all love Carroll Shelby. Repeat. We also love the cars that have the Shelby logo on them. Except, maybe a few of the Dodge products in the 80's. An Omni probably should never be called a Shelby. Anybody disagree? (Yes. I owned one. -Ed.)