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Greenpeace opposed to nuclear and coal powered electric vehicles

2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery

Travel the globe in search of energy sources with GM's new Google Earth app

From time to time, we've been known to ponder some stuff that non-greenies would have no interest in, but that's what happens when a passion for all things green takes over. For example, we've always thought that a great Google Earth app would be one that shows automotive plants across the globe, but why stop there. Throw in things like locations of wind farms, solar parks and a hyrdo-plants and we would start to drool. Well, General Motors either

No new U.S. coal plants in 2009; does this mean a cleaner future for electric cars?

Electric vehicles moving on electrons generated from coal are cleaner than gasoline-powered vehicles, but those coal plants are still pretty dirty. Not everyone is in favor of coal-powered EVs, but it's hard to argue against shifting power generation from coal to renewable resources. Thankfully, there's one big hint that the U.S. is starting to move away from coal plants: the quiet.

ETA says plug-in cars could "speed climate change" unless we get off coal

Think that plugging in your vehicle will protect the earth? Sure, this was the message that EPRI and the NRDC sent following a 2008 study that found that, if 60 percent of the U.S. fleet of light vehicles converted to plug-ins by 2050, CO2 emissions would drop by 450 million metric tons annually (the same as taking 82 million cars off the road) while electricity consumption would increase only

GAO says truly clean plug-in hybrids need to be powered by alternatives to coal plants

The long tailpipe. The longer you've been interested in cleaner cars that come with a plug, the more chance there is you've heard about this topic and thought of ways to mitigate the effect of the resources that are being consumed elsewhere to move your wheels. Solar and wind are two obvious clean choices to power an EV, but they're not as prevalent as coal-fired electricity in the U.S. So, given this situation, what impact with plug-in vehicles have on the overall greenhouse gas emissions in th

We are going to need electricity for our cars ... but not from coal!

Time and time again, from expert after expert, we hear that the nations of the planet must start turning to clean sources of energy, and fast. Vinod Khosla recently suggested that we use solar thermal sources, and he also mentioned that nuclear may be an option for the future. Solar arrays seem to be popping up, many times by individual companies looking to save on their own energy