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Porsche puts diesel back on the table

Within the past month, Porsche has stated that it has no intention of installing diesel engines in itsvehicles and would instead focus on hybrids. The automaker has also threatened to pull out of the European market if new mandatory CO2 regulations go into effect. Now, Porsche research head Wolfgang Dürheimer is backtracking. Although he says that Porsche is not currently developing

European carmakers trying to get their story straight on CO2

Recently the members of ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association have had diverging positions on CO2 limits being proposed by the European Union. While most are developing new vehicles to meet the proposed regulations, some like Porsche have gone as far as threatening to leave the European market if the new limits are made mandatory.

European automakers have a long road ahead to meet 2008 CO2 emissions targets

If you've got a favorite European automaker, you can now find out how dirty their cars are. R.L. Polk conducted a study on automakers average CO2 emissions for 2005 vehicles relative to other brands and to their own 1997 cars. The study found that Fiat was emitting the least (139 grams of CO2 per kilometer, on average) and Volvo was the worst (195 grams). The BBC has ranked the manufacturers by percent of a voluntary 2008 target

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