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We've covered some of the green car items that'll be on TV this afternoon, including an ad for the Yukon Hybrid, but what about the people who actually go to the game? What sort of cleaner driving angle can they add to their day? A couple, but I'm not convinced anyone will ever be able to call the Super Bowl an eco-friendly event.

One of many green insurance programs, ibuyeco has been offsetting drivers' CO2 emissions since opening shop in June. The company just sent out an announcement that the results so far include the offsetting of 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide with the help of the CarbonNeutral Company. While this sounds like a lot, it's actually kind of a drop, really. After its first three months of operation, ibuyeco claimed they had offset 18,000 tons. Do the math, that's 18,000 tons in the first three months and