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We all remember our first car. There's nothing quite like the memory of seeing your parents hand you the keys to a vehicle you can call your own, and the experience has historically happened somewhere between a child's 16th and 18th year. Right?

Carbuyers are such a fickle group. Chrysler learned that you can inundate them with all the cute ads, fashionable promotions, and corporate celebrities you've got, only to see sales stagnate and even decline. But CNW Market Research says the way to greater sales is to just throw yourself a little multi-billion-dollar buyout.

CNW Marketing Research is reporting that around 30 percent of car shoppers were considering a hybrid a year back, and willing to pay a premium of almost $2,500 over a non-hybrid for the privilege. The interest level has dropped to just 12 percent now however, and the premium that's acceptable has fallen by over 50 percent to just $1,152. Fuel prices have fallen during the same period indicating a direct link between fuel prices and hybrids, whose main selling point is fuel economy.