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Despite proponents like T. Boone Pickens pushing for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles on America roads, the simple fact is, outside of states like California and Florida, a CNG-powered vehicle just isn't practical. Or is it? As part of her Master's Degree thesis, Castlen Kennedy, a student at the University of Texas in Austin, is driving a CNG-powered Chevy Tahoe from Texas to Boston, MA in the hopes of spreading the word about CNG and meeting some of the people who are already involved w

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Argentina's most important motorbike manufacturer, Zanella, has announced its first factory-installed CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) powered bike. The bike, which is a converted RX150 model, has 150 cc displacement and the conversion adds two tanks of gas for a range of approximately 200 kilometers (120 miles). The tanks can store 1.4 m3 of natural gas and are located in the same place as the fuel tank. Interestingly, a small reservoir that holds 3.5 liters of gasoline remains on board for emergen