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On this episode of Car Hacks, Amr discovers whether or not play-doh can clean up a mess in the back seat.


On this episode of Car Hacks, Amr discovers whether or not regular old olive oil can keep your dashboard clean and dust-free.

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On this episode of Autoblog Details, we'll be exploring the step-by-step process for properly washing your wheels and paint.

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Sometimes there's just not enough time to complete a full wash on your car. Find out how to get "close enough" in just 5 minutes.

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These 3 tips can help you remove those funky smells from your interior cabin.

Chances are your car is a major investment that's essential to your daily routine.

While for many people a vehicle is a necessity, it’s not an investment.

There is no arguing the fact that most mechanics truly dislike rust.

It creeps up on the most tidy of people until it’s nearly too much to deal with, so you wait longer to do something about it, as if it will go away on its own: it’s the mess in and on your car.

Comfort level while driving is significantly affected by the condition of your vehicle's seats.

Have you taken a look at the floor of your vehicle lately? From gum wrappers to empty juice boxes, small discarded items have a tendency to pile up around your car and fast.

One of the easiest ways to gain 20 to 30 horsepower is to purchase ported and polished aftermarket cylinder heads.

Keeping your vehicle looking great can help increase its value when it comes time to sell it or trade it in.

Tar is the sticky, black substance that usually appears on the lower part of your car.

Usually the phrase "car wash" brings to mind a big conveyor belt of brushes and sprayers, but often self-service car washes just look like a big empty garage with a high-pressure sprayer.

If you accidentally spill milk in your car, first, you have to deal with cleaning it up and then, a few days later, you will have to deal with a strong unpleasant odor of spoiled milk.

Acrylic paint was extremely popular in older cars, and can still be found on many cars today.

As the top-of-the-line sports cars, convertibles offer drivers a sporty yet sophisticated vehicle option, perfect for driving with the top down in sunny weather.