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BMW confirms fall launch for U.S. diesels, racing to beat Mercedes

Back in January BMW made the big announcement that it would finally introduce modern clean diesel engines to the U.S. market. At the time the Bavarian manufacturer told us that the new 335d and X5 xDrive35d would be launched by later in 2008 without getting any more specific than that. A blog specializing in news about the blue and white propeller brand is reporting that the new mo

$50 million in clean diesel grants up for grabs from EPA

Back in March, the EPA announced a grant of $5 million for midwest clean diesel projects. One of you called that a "token effort." Fair enough. What do you say to almost $50 million?

Daimler figures diesels could make up 20 percent of its U.S. sales

Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche is bullish on the adoption of diesel in the United States. At the ECO:nomics conference, Zetsche told the Wall Street Journal that Daimler is very happy with its diesel accomplishments over the last two years (see video below the fold). According to Zetsche, in the states where they are currently available, Daimler's diesel SUVs are showing twenty percent take rates and diesel cars are showing twelve percent take rates. Zetsche is confident Daimler will see the sa

EPA to Award $5 Million for Midwest Clean-Diesel Projects

The EPA's Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative has got some money for you. Well, if you're involved in finding ways to reduce emissions produced by diesel engines, it does. Since diesel engines are found in so many applications, it's nice to see that the EPA will consider ways to clean up not only buses and trucks, but also "marine engines, locomotives and non-road engines or vehicles."

VIDEO: MotorWeek reviews Mercedes Benz's clean diesel SUV

Late 2008, Mercedes Benz will clean up its diesel GL, ML, R class SUVs with Bluetec, making them 50-state legal. MotorWeek kicked the tires on the GL320 CDI (see video below the fold) and they seemed to like it. The diesel version of the GL ($54,225) will be $2,500 cheaper (yes, cheaper) than th