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What is it with companies thinking they can get around the Clean Air Act? Earlier this year, the second-largest refinery in the U.S. was fined $5.3 million (and required to upgrade pollution control systems for $700 million) for CAA violations. Before that, companies like Pep Boys, Cummins and Mercedes (among others) were all forced to pay fines for selling products that are just plain dirtier than they should be.

The image above looks strikingly similar to something you may see on an episode of America's Most Wanted where host John Walsh urges viewers to help find dangerous criminals at large. Though the crimes of Joseph DeMatteo may not be as violent those seen on an episode of Cops, his actions warrant enough concern that the Environmental Protection Agency has placed him on its most wanted list. We were a bit surprised to discover that the EPA has such a list but we promise it's no hoax. You can find