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Honda Civic Tour featuring Panic At The Disco has begun

We've been over the Civic Hybrid which was decorated by Panic At The Disco before, along with the dates and locations where fans of the band (or the car) can pick up the associated tour. Therefore, this is just a friendly reminder that the tour itself started on Friday, April 10

Honda Civic Tour brings Panic At The Disco on 40-date U.S. tour

Whether or not the band Panic At The Disco has an exclamation point in their name or not (I heard they removed the !, but if you look at the design on the hood of the Civic Hybrid in the picture above, you can see a !, no? Click on the car to see a larger version of the picture if you don't believe me), Honda has now confirmed the 40 dates that the band will play this spring. The Honda Civic Tour is Honda's annual music/branding event that in recent y

Civic hybrid coming to India later this year

At the New Delhi Auto Show today, Honda announced it will begin selling a hybrid version of the Civic in India sometime later this year. According to Reuters, the head of Honda's India operations, M. Takedagawa, declared that, "We have decided to launch the Civic hybrid this year." That's about all the details we have as of now, but we do know that the standard Civic is not the most popular Honda i

Honda Civic hybrid could be headed for India

Honda announced today that it is speaking with officials in India about regulations that will allow gas-electric hybrids - i.e., the Honda Civic hybrid - to be sold in that country. Reuters is reporting that India could be a great market for hybrids, because "Indian drivers are some of the most fuel- and cost-conscious in the world, and are increasingly choosing diesel-powered cars over gasoline due to their s