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Big Ideas, season 2 preview: Transport

The Sundance Channel's Big Ideas For A Small Planet is back. The eco-solutions show tidily takes on an issue - like, say Fuel or Drive in episodes from last year's season - and finds three "Big Ideas" to discuss in a half-hour. Sometimes, the episodes ar

Assystem City Car - yes, you can laugh

Perhaps if the Assystem City Car didn't look like a time traveling street sweeper from Uranus it wouldn't be the butt of so many jokes (So very sorry). Of course, what do you expect from Swiss designer Franco Sbarro, a man with a history of, um, interesting designs. It is a bit of a shame, too, because this thing actually has lots of very neat-o tec

Mitsubishi's i City Car selling well in the UK

While we're busy anticipating the upcoming all-electric i-MiEV, Mitsubishi is enjoying sales of the standard liquid fueled-version in the UK. The company announced today that it sold 300 of these tiny i City Cars in two-and-a-half weeks and expects to sell 1,500 units in the UK next year. Buyers are telling Mitsubishi that "compact size, price, specification, environmental credenti

MIT dreams up a stackable electric rental car for cities

We've all seen the stacks of shopping carts at your local grocery or big box store. There are also the bike rental systems in various major cities like Paris. Now the mavens at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have taken those two concepts and combined them something akin to car sharing services like Sam Abuelsamid