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What can you even say to defend a financial decision like this one? According to a report by Detroit's WXYZ television news team, the City of Detroit has been leasing a 2004 Dodge Intrepid since September 2003, over six years after the original two-year-lease expired. Since the City did not return the car, it has continued to make the $608 per month lease payments, even as it racked up miles well beyond the 40,000 in the original agreement, for which it now must pay 15 cents per mile. According

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Detroit was a hustling and bustling urban metropolis – a desirable city in which to live. Today? Sure, there are some hardcore Detroit supporters, and there are certainly nice areas in and around Detroit to call home, but the truth is that the United States population at large doesn't have Detroit high on its list of places to relocate.

General Motors is looking to deck the Renaissance Center in more LED lighting, according to a report from The Detroit Free Press. The manufacturer has already installed one ring of the colored lights at the top of its tower and has petitioned the City of Detroit to allow the building to be fitted with vertical LED strips along the exterior elevator of the main tower. GM also wants the city to relax its signage regulations to allow it to scroll messages across the sign at the top of the center to

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