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Yesterday, about 20 MINI E drivers brought their all-electric rides to Jesse James' Cisco Burger in Long Beach, California for a little plug-in love fest. MINI E driver Todd C. was there and sent in some pictures and said that it was the first West Coast get-together for MINI E owners. The meet-up was organized by the MINI E Facebook group and you can check out the group's wall posts for more details. From those reports, it seems that a lot of positive energy was shared, and EV drivers were hap

Going out with a green technology car kind of limits your choice of destinations, at least if you want to reduce your impact all along the drive. If you’re out running errands in Long Beach, CA and get hungry, you might feel good about eating at the new Planet Hollywood Cisco Burger. As Treehugger shows us, the restaurant opened Friday and is owned by Sandra Bullock and her gearhead husband Jesse James (of the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage). Cisco Burger serves a fairly normal d