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Even though Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has repeatedly said he won't pick up, leave Italy and take his Fiat factories with him, his occasional pointed comments about the challenges of running operations in that country has worried Italian politicians dealing with government, economic and labor-force seizures the past few years. After Fiat Industrial announced it was moving its headquarters to London and it was rumored that the car division's HQ would move to Auburn Hills, MI after the merger with

For as long as this young blog can remember, Jason Vines has been the official voice of Chrysler. Though he began at Chrysler back in 1983, Vines' professional career has seen him receive paychecks at both Nissan and Ford before returning to Chrysler in 2003 to become Vice President-Communications. Little did Vines know that he'd be on the front lines when this whole blog phenomenon hit the big time and the face of automotive journalism began to change. He's had to endure embargo breaks, late ni