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We're not likely to see a new TC by Maserati on display at Chrysler's North American International Auto Show stand, but a quick glance away from the rebadged Lancia Delta and Fiat 500 we're all waiting to eyeball will be machinery from Ferrari and Maserati. Last year, Ferrari stayed out of the Detroit Auto Show altogether, but for 2010, Chrysler, Maserati, and Ferrari are all under the Fiat, SpA corporate umbrella. Taking advantage of that, shuffling has gone on to put the group's exotic wares a

This week we attended media events put on by Ford and General Motors called "backgrounders" that give select journalists a preview of what will be shown at the upcoming 2009 Detroit Auto Show. We signed non-disclosure agreements and agreed to embargoes, so we can't tell you what we learned or saw. Assuming the embargoes aren't broken, these events give us the ability to produce thorough, thoughtful posts on the previewed vehicles when they finally debut in early January.