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Nerves are frazzled in Stuttgart over the troubles facing Chrysler. Let's not forget that Daimler still has a skin in the Chrysler game, and while everyone natters and frets about whether or not Fiat will prove to be the Savior Of Auburn Hills, execs are also thinking about the worst-case scenario in the halls of Daimler.

Normally the privately owned Chrysler LLC is under no obligation to reveal its financial performance to Wall Street, but yesterday the Cerberus-owned automaker was forced to show a few pages from its accounting books thanks to one of its largest stakeholders and former owner, Daimler AG. The German automaker revealed that in the last six months, its 19.9% stake in Chrysler has cost it $585 million. To clarify Daimler's numbers, Chrysler also revealed yesterday that the loss being attributed to i