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Jim Press, the president of Chrysler, says every Chrysler will have a hybrid option. This is the broadest pro-hybrid sentiment yet uttered among the big domestic automakers. Press cited new government regulations as the reason behind the hybrid love but he gave no time table laying out when all of this might happen. Jim worked for Toyota, which has said almost the same thing in the past. Chrysler also joins GM in the show of hybrid love; GM plans to aggressively release hybrids in the near term.

As we mentioned last week, Chrysler is getting into the hybrid and electric car game through Envi, a semi-independent unit dedicated to electric drive vehicles. Pro-automobile Michigan residents (that's almost a redundant phrase there) can be proud that Chrysler has announced that ENVI will be located in Auburn Hills. But, as Sven Gustafson, writing for the Oakland Business Review, found when he spoke to industry insiders about the new environmental endeavor, some things about Envi aren't as cle