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Detroit's Big Three could become the Big Two. According to an AP report in The Detroit News, state officials have been lobbying for Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne to select Tennessee as the location for Fiat's joint headquarters with Chrysler Group LLC.


CBS' 60 Minutes sat down with Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne last night to discuss the automaker's resurrection and the touch-and-go period in 2009 when the Fiat executive began talks with the federal government over a controlled Chrysler bankruptcy. Marchionne said that when he arrived at Chrysler, the company's employees were all afraid the company wouldn't survive. Now, he says, that fear is gone. The segment explains how Marchionne saw early on how well Chrysler strengths, specifically in mi


After the culture clash between the Americans at Chrysler and the Germans at Daimler during the bad old DCX days, there has been concern that the latest European occupation of Auburn Hills could lead to similar friction. Granted, Fiat is not Mercedes-Benz, but Italian sensibilities can be quite dissimilar from those of most Detroiters.

According to the tea-leaf readers over at Automotive News, the alliance between Fiat and Chrysler is expected to yield at lease six new models for the Pentastar in the next few years – if everything works out. Since Chrysler doesn't really have any truly viable products in the smaller car segments, that will likely be the main focus as the companies work toward meeting at least the 35 mpg CAFE standard, and very possibly an even higher 40+ mpg requirement if CO2 emissions limits come into