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The initial spawn of the agreement between Chrysler and Chery Motors has made its first tentative appearance. The Dodge Breeze is nothing more than a rebadged version of the Chery A1 but it has apparently turned up on a Chinese forum. The Breeze is not expected to come to the U.S. but will likely be sold in South and Central America. If and when a Chery-built car does make it to the American shores, it will likely be an all-new design developed with Chrysler engineering input.

The ongoing saga of Chrysler's attempted partnership with Chery Automotive of China may finally be close to a resolution. According to business publication Information Times, a final deal for a joint venture may be near. The American and Chinese companies would each have a fifty percent stake in the manufacturing venture at a new plant with a capacity for 250,000 cars a year. The venture is expected to produce rebadged versions of the Chery A1 (pictured above) and A3 mini cars with Chrysler putt