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Among what must be many options on the table, Chrysler, LLC is looking at strictly defining the three brands in its care, and shedding 1,000 dealers in the process. The idea would be to eliminate the practice of selling a Chrysler model as a Dodge model as well. Chrysler would sell passenger cars, Dodge would sell pickup and commercial trucks, and Jeep would sell, well, Jeeps and SUV's.

It's no secret that Chrysler's going through a rough patch right now as it sets its turnaround plan in motion. Just last week, the automaker announced additional job and manufacturing cutbacks and killed off four underperforming models. Of interest to enthusiasts, however, is the news that SRT, the in-house tuner responsible for niche vehicles like the Dodge Charger SRT8 shown above, went unscathed.

What was hinted at in February by then-CEO Tom Lasorda, then hinted at again in September by new CEO Bob Nardelli, is now simply waiting to happen: Chrysler LLC is going to reorganize its product line and probably start by axing around five models. No one will say exactly which models will return to dust, but it is suspected that the Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Dakota, Jeep Commander and Compass could be headed to the guillotine, while the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Durango wait on Death Row for th

During the bloodletting press conference this morning in Auburn Hills, Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda gave some hints about future product plans for Chrysler. In addition to the usual reduction in the number of platforms and engine families, LaSorda announced that Chrysler would be spending $3 billion in power-train development to improve fuel efficiency. He indicated that there would be a new Mercedes-Benz four cylinder diesel coming to Chrysler products in addition to the 3.0L V-6 already anno