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Imaginary soundbite never uttered: "This is going well, all this money we're not spending..." And so it is that the plant shutdowns announced in December will be extended for an extra week. Instead of reopening on January 19th, workers at the Belvidere and Sterling Heights plants; as well as Toluca, Mexico; will return on January 26th. The GEMA engine facility in Trenton, MI has also had its hiatus extended.

It's no secret that Chrysler is in the fight of its life, and the Auburn Hills automaker is pulling out all the stops to keep the lights on -- even if it means closing the doors. Chrysler is shuttering all of its plants for one month, beginning December 19. In a short release to the media, Chrysler blamed the continued credit crunch as the main reason for the shutdown, and is trying to better-align its vehicle stock with customer demand. Dealers have notified the Pentastar that they've got plent

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. It looks like a slight glitch in the delivery of powertrain components has led Chrysler to idle one of its plants for the rest of next week. Actually, four separate plants will be stopped as a result of this problem - Jefferson North in Detroit, Warren Truck (Michigan), Newark Assembly (New Jersey) and St. Louis North (Missouri).