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Petersen museum cars will drive streets of L.A. in President’s Day parade

Historic Hollywood cars will kick off museum's 25th anniversary celebration

Historic and iconic Hollywood cars will kick off museum's 25th anniversary celebration.

Junkyard Gem: 1992 Chrysler Imperial Landau

Yes, Chrysler made a K-Car Imperial.

The K Platform was a Swiss Army Knife for Chrysler.

You can own Don Draper's 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible

Fewer than 200 1964 Imperial Crowns exist today, and this one comes with provenance.

Don Draper's big, red convertible is the undisputed star of this particular show.

1990 Chrysler Imperial is a forgettable American luxury sedan

MotorWeek looks back on the 1990 Chrysler Imperial, and shows why it might be best to forget this luxury sedan.

Jay Leno parades around in '52 Chrysler Imperial

Jay Leno is back and he's on parade, testing out a 1952 Chrysler Imperial Dual-Cowl Phaeton Parade Car on the streets of Burbank, CA.

Our Picks For The Best $5,000 Used Cars

Need a cheap car for yourself or a member of your family? These 10 cars, chosen by Autoblog.com, are used bargains that you can buy for less than $5,000.

This 1958 Chrysler Imperial Ultra 7 Pointer 1 is Japan's Batmobile

It might be sacrilegious to admit among some auto enthusiasts, but there's more to driving than performance and speed. Sometimes it can be a matter of love, as it is for Yasushi Shiroi, who has spent the last 21 years building a faithful replica of a car from a '60s Japanese sci-fi show.

The Aficianauto sets his lens on Black Beauty

In the short time we've known about the works of The Aficionauto, we've become fans of the video series highlighting some of the most famous and iconic movie/television cars ever. While past episodes featured cars from 1980s movies and tv shows, the latest video shows off the 1965 Chrysler Imperial affectionately known as Black Beauty We saw the Imperial for the first time

Video: Meet the Green Hornet's Black Beauty

The Green Hornet's multiple Black Beauties – Click above to watch video after the jump

REPORT: Fiat wants Chrysler to be a Cadillac competitor

When you were a kid, there was probably a point when your mom or dad told you that you could one day be president of the United States. They probably didn't really mean it, but at least they wanted you to push yourself a little harder to achieve life's goals. Fiat appears to be in a similar situation with its new underling, Chrysler. The Italian automaker is working through a far-reaching game plan for the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands, and it sees Chrysler competing in the luxury space. Chrys

eBay Find of the Day: Chrysler Imperial - Rampage edition

1990 Chrysler Imperial pickup –click above for high-res image gallery.

Was it new CAFE rules that killed off the Chrysler Imperial?

Chrysler cited new fuel standards which are almost certain to be passed into law in the near future when it announced that plans to build its new luxury flagship, the Imperial, had been canceled. General Motors made similar comments regarding their plans to build new rear wheel drive large sedans a while back. The

BREAKING: Chrysler nixes plans for Imperial

Chrysler has shelved plans to build a production version of the Imperial concept it introduced at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. Citing increasing fuel costs and more stringent fuel economy standards expected from Capitol Hill, Chrysler said that the Imperial project was off, as a viable business case could no longer be made for the car.

Chrysler Imperial one step closer to production

Chrysler may be in the middle of a major ownership change, but the beat goes on when it comes to future vehicle plans. The folks over at The Star are reporting that Chrysler is going to build a fifth model at their Brampton plant in Ontario, which currently assembles the 300, Charger, and Magnum. Challenger production is scheduled for next year, and the fifth vehicle, which could be built in 09' as a 2010 model, is expected to be theChris Shunk

Chrysler to launch the Imperial in 2010, unless CAW refuses to build it

Evidently, Chrysler has decided to move ahead with production of the Rolls-Royce Phantom wannabe, the Imperial. Chrysler had been planning to add the luxury sedan to the lineup at the Brampton Assembly plant along with all of its LX platform mates, the 300, Magnum, Charger and Challenger. However, the local union at the plant rejected a wage concession plan that would have kept the plant on a

Chrysler Imperial concept test drive leaves more questions than answers

To say that Chrysler Imperial concept's debut at this year's Detroit Auto Show caused a mixed reaction among attendees and readers would be an understatement. Thus, we followed Matt Nauman's test drive of the concept with keen interest, to see if it might sway our staff's opinion one way or the other.

Chrysler Imperial concept a poor man's Phantom

Here is the first official pic of Chrysler's Imperial Concept that will debut next week at the Detroit auto show. Pics of the Imperial lifted from the current issue of Motor Trend have already surfaced elsewhere on the net, and reaction has been unanimous in that the new Imperial looks like a poor man's Rolls, especially with its pedestrian-flattening grille.