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Chrysler wraps Auburn Hills HQ in honor of Truck of the Year award

Chrysler has decided to celebrate the Dodge Ram winning the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award by barring employees at its Auburn Hills headquarters from seeing the sun for 120 days. The company has turned its HQ into one big billboard with a 14-story building wrap. The 140-foot tall, 120-foot wide graphic features a massive 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty atop a pile of rocks.

Chrysler HQ designed for mall duty if automaker leaves

Chrysler HQ a mall? Click above for high-res image gallery

Chrysler lowers temperature, removes clocks and cuts down on Christmas to save money

Chrysler's sweeping efforts to save cash have resulted in a few drastic measures that are currently being implemented at its corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Turning the heat down from 72 to 68 degrees strikes us as reasonable, as does cutting its budget for Christmas decorations from $10,000 to $1,000. But the cuts go much deeper than that. For instance, removing a

Chrysler turns down the thermostats, removes wall clocks, cancels snowplows

Every little bit helps, right? Most people reading this site are probably conscious of their eco-footprint at all times, whether working or at home. Besides being sound environmental thinking, eco-conscious actions also save money. Recently, the sinking global economy and the poor state of the American auto market have been forcing Chrysler to take a closer look at its day-to-day pr