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If you're shopping for a used Prius, expect to pay $4,000 more for one with the carpool sticker. That's what Chris Woodyard of USA Today found out when he asked Kelley Blue Book to sample prices. Carpool stickers allow the vehicle to cruise the HOV lanes in California even if there is only one person in the vehicle. The state gave out only 85,000 stickers, and the stickers stay with the vehicle, not the vehicle owner should he purchase a new Prius or another qualified vehicle. KBB's sample showe

Cobasys, A123 Systems, Firefly, Altair Nanotechnologies, Johnson Controls, Saft Advanced Power Solutions. AutoblogGreen readers know these names and the high-tech batteries the companies' engineers are working on, but USA Today is introducing them to the Average American in near-hyperbolic terms: as rock stars.