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Now check this out. Sister blog Engadget found out about Siemens' cool next-gen car technology that crams all sorts of goodies into the wheel and hub (all right, Engadget found it through our good friends at Autoblog). The goodies include an electronic motor, an active suspension system, Siemens' very own electronic wedge brake and an independent steer-by-wire function. All of these technologies have existed independently for a while, but this is the first time they've been packed together in a

The Willamette Week, a paper from Portland, took a look at the environmental effects of scooters, those little hipster two-wheelers. Actually, they found an EPA study from last March that "shows most scooters on the road pollute more than SUVs" and felt the need to test that finding out for themselves. After struggling to find scooter owners willing to allow their loved machines to be tested, the machines were given the once over.