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China bans 553 car models in fight against smog

But Beijing has made gains this year; now, pollution in India is worse.

But Beijing has made gains this year; now, pollution in India is worse.

Will global automakers drop local JV partners if China's government says they can?

Chinese economic policies could be in for a big change, as President Xi Jinping pushes the communist country to open its domestic markets even further. That could mean big things for the auto industry, especially when it comes to the country's far-reaching joint-venture system.

Geely to release models developed with Volvo in 2015

Geely and Volvo will finally team up for a jointly developed vehicle, more than three years after the safety-minded Swedish brand was gobbled up by Geely's parent company, according to a report in Automotive News Europe. The st

China continues foreign automotive investment incentives after all

China has reversed a policy that would have nixed incentives for investments from foreign automakers, paving the way for further expansion by General Motors, Volkswagen and others. Legislators had removed automotive manufacturing from the list of industries that would receive government support in the future, but foreign investment fell o

Qoros could finally be the Chinese brand to fear in the west

Can Qoros Make A Difference Outside The Walls Of China?

China's Great Wall aiming to sell vehicles in US around 2015

Stop us if you've heard this one before: "The Chinese are coming." According to Automotive News, Great Wall Motor Co. plans to sell its vehicles in the US by around 2015. The Chinese automaker has been researching its planned expansion for the last two years, looking at everything from regulatory hurdles to establishing a dealer network, as well as customer needs and wants.

GM China President says automaker could export vehicles from China to US

At a press conference on Saturday at the Shanghai Motor Show, General Motors announced plans to further expand its presence in the Chinese market. Among those commitments are plans to build four new plants by the end of 2015, giving the automaker the capacity to produce around five million vehicles a year in the country.

Chinese airline preparing to launch in-flight car dealerships

Better hire an automotive editor, SkyMall. The Chinese are about to one-up you.

Volvo agrees to transfer tech to new parent Geely

Following the acquisition of Volvo by China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010, we definitely saw this news coming. The two companies have signed an agreement that will give Chinese automaker Geely access to key technologies developed by Volvo, and in turn, the deal could help the Swedish automaker lower its production costs.

Lincoln headed to China in 2014

Buick has done well for itself in the Chinese auto market, and now Ford Motor Company is hoping it can find a similar success by introducing Lincoln to the growing market. Starting during the second half of 2014, Lincoln will begin selling its cars in China through a dealer network that will

China issues list of approved vehicles for government purchase, excludes imports for first time

A black, Chinese-market Audi A6L is practically the poster-child for Communist Party officials who demand extra legroom rear legroom in a stretched version of standard sedan. The Chinese government reportedly spends 80 million renminbi ($12.7 million U.S.) per year on wheels for its bureaucrats, but according to a report in China Car Times the ne

Fortune asks, "Is the party in China over?"

Though many may not realize the extent of it, the auto business has been booming in China for a while now. General Motors actually sells more vehicles there than they do in the States, and huge market growth in China has been crucial to the bottom lines of all the carmakers that do business there. But according to Fortune, these boon times may be coming to an end.

First Chinese car imported to North America built by... Honda?

The very first production car from China has made it to North America, though it's not what you might think. In an effort to move more of its production out of Japan, Honda has begun manufacturing Fit models in the People's Republic and importing them to Canada<

Half of America's young willing to try Chinese cars, 41% would consider Indian [w/poll]

Foreign manufacturers have had a strong presence in the United States' new car market for decades now. Germany, Japan and Korea produce vehicles that many consumers find as appealing as our domestic offerings, if not more so. Those countries have had lots of time to win favor among American consumers, while other countries have yet to make a dent on our car-buying radar. That could change more quickly than one might think, however, as a new study by GfK Automotive shows that younger car shoppers

Muller says Saab could sell $10,000 Chinese autos in States

Saab has been in the news quite a bit lately, and mostly for the wrong reasons. But now that the Swedish automaker appears to have secured loans and buy-in from Hawtai Motors in China, Victor Muller and company are looking to go on the offensive.

Report: China tells foreign automakers they must build low-cost local brands

If you want to do business in the Chinese market, you have to play by the rules set out by the Chinese government... and those rules are subject to change. Such is the case in the automotive segment, where officials from China are reportedly set to add some requirements for automakers that wish to update any contracts in an effort to build more vehicles in China.

Report: Chinese car quality complaints on the rise

Just when we thought China's automotive industry had made some headway in the quality department, we get word that complaints about new car quality in the country have risen significantly over the past few months. During the first quarter of this year, complains on vehicles purchased within the last six months climbed 15 percent over last year's figures. Those numbers come courtesy of the Zach Bowman

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