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Survey: 60 percent of Chinese interested in buying plug-in vehicles, 5 times higher than Americans

Citizens of which country are most likely to buy – or at least consider purchasing – a plug-in vehicle than any other nation? According to a recent survey conducted by Ernst & Young's Global Automotive Center, China leads the way out of all the countries surveyed. Now, you're probably wondering how this can be and might wonder if the U.S. was excluded from the survey, but that's simply not the case. Not only was the U.S. represented, other major players in the plug-in field were

REPORT: Ssangyong restarts production

Korean automaker Ssangyong has reportedly restarted five of its production lines at its plants in Pyeongtaek and Changwon. Earlier this month, Ssangyong was forced to enter receivership as a last ditch effort to stave off bankruptcy after failing to negotiate a deal with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., the Korean automaker's Chinese owners, and Jeremy Korzeniewski

Big Two look on as new rival enters the ring

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, Chinese automaker Geely displayed its vehicle destined for the U.S. market, the 7151 CK. And representatives from every major automaker were on hand to witness, as Robert Lutz, vice chairman and product development chief for General Motors, said, "I think it's the beginning, the very beginning, of Chinese international participation