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Name a bus that carries "hundreds" of passengers seated eight feet off the road, is powered by electricity, towers over even the largest of SUVs, and straddles two lanes of traffic. What? Do you think this is some sort of twisted question without an answer? Well, it's not. Dreamt up by Song Youzhou of Shenzen, China, the Straddling Bus at first glance appears so extraordinary that one might think it's a joke. Nope. Preparations are underway to introduce this behemoth in Beijing by the end of nex

Imagine a ginormous bus, hollowed out to allow cars to drive right on through/under it and you've got the gist of a cunning, but rather odd "3D Express Coach" project created by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment. At first glance, the idea seems quite hysterical, or at least worthy of a small chuckle, but upon further inspection, this ginormous bus idea kind of makes perfect sense.