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At least 40 passengers, including two Americans, were killed in a terrible crash of a Chinese bullet train on July 23. The "official" cause of the devastating crash was ruled a lightning strike, though reactions from authorities have raised doubts.

China's government has signed off on its 12th Five-Year plan and, among a series of other economic development initiatives, it stipulates that the city of Beijing is expected to have at least 100,000 electric vehicles on its roads by the end of 2015. Most of those cars with cords will be passenger cars and the vast majority will be of the electric-only variety, but other advanced technology vehicles (i.e. plug-in and conventional hybrids) will factor into the mix too.

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It seems that not a day goes by when some city in China, or even the country as a whole, doesn't boast about its grand electric vehicle (EV) plans and last Friday was no exception. That's when Shenzhen vice-mayor, Tang Jie, speaking at the C40 Hong Kong Workshop, revealed the city's battery-powered dreams. Jie spoke of Shenzhen entering a "mature" development period and said that the city, after 30 years of rapid growth, is now ready for a low-carbon future: